Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016 | MONTH IN REVIEW

Here's a quick summary of what we were up to this month. 

  • Tis' the season where everything slows down for festivities!
  • With the engine hauled out, there's no way we were going anywhere. We applied for a visa extension -- $100 TTD/person for 3 more months. New visa expiry date: 19th March 2017. 
  • We had to buy a second-hand prop (18" x 16") because the blades on our main prop snapped when we sent it in to the shops to be tuned.
  • We met a new friend (a local Trinidadian) on Christmas Eve through a friend from Singapore. It was a nice excuse to get off the boat and socialise.
  • We had a lovely evening catching up with our friends Allan & Ursh from South Africa of S/Y Windward whom we first met in St. Helena, then in Brazil, and now here in Trinidad! Such is a cruisers life, where will we meet next?

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Dinner at Wheel House Pub with dear friends Allan and Ursh from S/Y Windward
Fish and some sides for $100 TTD (~$14 USD excl. tax)
Thought it was funny for them to identify us as "Couple in Grey"..
Us and Kwanieze at The Falls on Christmas Eve
By mid December.. Look at all the mozzies we caught (insane!)
At the Port of Spain Market on Charlotte Street
So colourful
Pimentos aka Cherry Peppers
A little bit like Malaysia
Decided to treat ourselves! It's Christmas afterall :)

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

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