Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017 | MONTH IN REVIEW

Here's a quick summary of what we were up to this month.

  • As some of you may already know I flew back to Malaysia to visit my family last month while Alex flew in to join me on the 10th of this month.
  • The plan was to fly back to Trinidad in December, complete our long list of boat projects and hopefully set sail again by end January 2018. 
  • Of course, things never go as planned... a couple of days in of my arrival back home, I had an opportunity to work again in my former company! (a contract role) :D
  • Needless to say, I was a little conflicted at first, the thought of having to miss out on yet another season in the Caribbean was a little woeful (have not sailed since we arrived in 2015 - miss visiting new places, not so much the sailing/repairs 😀). I can't help but wonder if the universe is persistently trying to tell me something.
  • You see, we arrived in Trinidad late February 2015, what was meant to be a quick haul out to re-anti foul our hulls (and some minor repairs & maintenance), turned out to be a much longer stay after Alex injured his back while lifting our 50kg outboard engine from the ground to the transom at 1 m high.
  • 2 months later with his back still out, we decided to return home so that he could fully recover. We were very fortunate to find work and both ended up working back in Singapore and Australia respectively for 6 months.
  • Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our return to Trinidad in December 2015 was delayed by another 9 months. Thus missing another season in 2016.
  • We finally returned to Trinidad late September last year in hopes of completing our list of boat projects and sail the Caribbean in 2017. Unfortunately, the list of boat projects only seemed to grow and everything took a lot longer than expected. Read our past posts.
  • We missed the sailing season again in 2017, as we spent a whole year (2 visa extensions & a visa run) working on the boat and we still have much to do!
  • Sorry I digress.
  • No prize for guessing I took the job! ;) I'm utterly grateful for this opportunity. Thank you! Thank you! (to my boss and colleagues, please be patient with me as I'm a little rusty!) 
  • I guess I'll see you (the Caribbean) in 2019, maybe?

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Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay
Gardens By The Bay
Marina Bay Sands
Did you know? The orchid is the national flower of Singapore
Sushi Tei
Alex's favorite Japanese joint in Singapore
Sushi Tei at Vivocity, Singapore
Gyuniku Roll
Gyuniku Roll
Pork Rice
One of my favorites ;9 Sliced Pork Rice

Till next month! :)

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