Monday, January 20, 2014

Knysna - Mossel Bay - Sedgefield, South Africa

Entrance to Knysna
Pronounced as 'nys-na' or 'nais-na'. One of the Garden Routes best known destinations. A beautiful lagoon at the mouth of the Knysna River. Its like a different world here.

The entrance to Knysna was once classified as the most difficult and dangerous entrance in the world by the British Royal Navy. There are two large sandstones on either side known as the 'Knysna Heads' which makes a narrow entrance and with the changing tides, waters flow and ebb through the channel causing currents and breaks when the wind blows against the tides. Thankfully we entered and departed at high tide on calm days.

We arrived on 20th January 2014, where we met our friends S/Y Yelo again. We were anchored in 1.6m of water (S 34.02.633 E 23.02.385). It was a nice and calm anchorage. 

Tricky Entrance
Spectacular view of the Knysna Lagoon
Houses in Knysna
An interesting sport - Canoe Polo!

We hired a car with our friends Daniela & Rolf and drove from Knysna to Mossel Bay, another town with beautiful beaches and trails! Love the rock pools!

Rock Pools

Daniela & I
We also drove to Sedgefield. Officially known as the 'Slow Town'. There we visited the Wild Oats Farmers' Market. It opens every Saturday morning. Very lively (not slow at all.. haha). Good food & lots of crafty things! I just love all the farmers' markets in South Africa. The town offers a number of hiking and biking trails but we only managed to do one of it... The Gericke's point walk.

Wild Oats Farmer's Market
A lot of Arts and Crafts at the market
Great food!
Gericke's Point
Washed up Jellyfish
We had a great time in Knysna, wish all good things don't have to come to an end. But we had to move on. We set off to Hout Bay on the 26th January 2014.

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