Sunday, June 15, 2014

Angra dos Reis, Brazil

Photo of Bracuhy Marina from our Berth
Back again in Bracuhy Marina, Angra dos Reis on 7th June 2014 after about a month away. All good on Raptor. No major mold growth. 

The town (Centro) is about 26 km away from Bracuhy Marina. A long ride on the the public bus. We had to go into town for provisioning, as well as to clear in and clear out. It costs about $12 BRL return for the two of us.

The one thing I remember clearly about Angra was the public buses. I found it very strange that it had turnstiles in them. You get onboard and after you pay your fare to the driver, you had to go through the turnstiles which was quite narrow and made it very difficult for those who had baggage and or anyone wider than the turnstile which was most people. I sure had a hard time passing through with my backpack on.

Nice part of Centro
Flags for the World Cup
Streets of Centro
You can find most things in Centro. There are butcher shops, mini markets, a supermarket, dive shops, fishing shops, clothes stores, etc. We bought our mobile phone plan from Vivo here as well. It was a bit of a challenge though because most of the sales people do not speak any English. We could only communicate via google translate on the computer. A couple of times we were lucky we had help from other customers who spoke a little bit of English.

I remember this one time I was in the supermarket and couldn't find where the eggs were. So I found a shop assistant and tried to ask her about the eggs but sadly she couldn't understand me. I wish I had a pen and paper at that time, perhaps to draw a chicken and then an egg or something, but instead my creativity came into play and before I could stop myself, I clucked like a chicken and flapped my arms as wings, she smiled in delight and brought me straight to the frozen chicken section. I shook my head in dismay, motioned something else and got my eggs. I'll leave it to your imagination on what I did to get them. Silly times make good memories :)

We also repainted the double cabin. This is the second cabin we've repainted since Port Louis, Mauritius in 2013.

Taking off the old paint
We finally departed Bracuhy Marina on 3rd July 2014. 

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