Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Haul Out in Trinidad

We departed Store Bay, Tobago at 11:55pm on 24th February 2015 and arrived in Chaguaramas at 12:30pm the next day. We picked up a mooring opposite the Power Boats Boatyard (N 10.40.724 W 61.38.072) for a week.

Clearing in at Chaguaramas was fairly easy compared to when we cleared-in at Scarborough. The Customs and Immigrations office are within 50m of each other.
We hauled out at Power Boats on the 2nd of March 2015, mainly to re-anti foul our hulls and service the engine. But as you know, there's always something more that needs to repaired, replaced, serviced, etc.

I was really nervous when Raptor was on wheels moving on land, weaving through the boatyard, like a car! I was so afraid we would hit something. But Don (the owner) who drove the trailer is very skilled & experienced.

Raptor on wheels
Resting Raptor on blocks of wood
You can see the brown stain above the waterline we acquired from being in the rivers for the last 3 months.
Close up of the Barnacles
So that's us on blocks of wood! Located between the Dockside mini market and the Power Boats office/toilets/laundry room.
The largest blister on Raptor
Smaller blisters
A total of 30 over blisters
Before Anti Foul
After Anti-Foul

Anti Foul is done! Raptor looks like new from the outside again!

We would've launched after servicing the engine, unfortunately Alex who thought he was still in his 20's injured his back while lifting our 50kg Yamaha 9.9hp outboard from the ground up to hand it to me on the transom, which was about 1.3 meters off the ground. He had successfully handed it to me but heard a crack and knew he had done his back in. It was a painful lesson. 

After 2 months on the hard, he was still in no condition to work on the boat or go sailing. So we decided to leave Raptor and head home for a desk job instead.

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